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Roll-on load (Roll-on / Roll-off)

RO-RO transport (acronym for the term Roll On / Roll Off) refers to a type of maritime transport system for ro-ro cargo

At GNT Marine Group, C.A. We offer a reliable and safe service for the transport of vehicles by sea (roll-on cargo or «Rollon / Rolloff»), making us the ideal solution for moving all types of vehicles: light or family cars, construction and agricultural machinery (tractors, harvesters, etc.), trucks, semi-trailers, trucks.

Project load

Project cargo transport is a service characterized by the handling of heavy, oversized cargo, which requires a custom-designed logistics system, where technical knowledge is essential for the transport and care of the goods.

GNT Marine Group, C.A. has extensive experience in handling oversized and extra heavy loads, making us specialists in handling project loads in remote and hard-to-reach areas.

Carga a granel

As a provider of cargo services, GNT MARINE GROUP, C.A. is highly responsive to changing market dynamics, allowing us to react positively by providing our clients with freight services that can add real value to business opportunities.

We have vast experience in transporting soft dry bulk products such as fertilizers, grains, minerals, steel products, among others.

We have the capacity to transport 64 Teus on cabotage trips and in the Caribbean.